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Energy storage system


You’ve got the solar panels in place. Or the wind generators. But when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, you’re getting more energy than you need. You don’t want that energy lost to the ether. You want it stored away for safe keeping. So that when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, you’ve got that surplus energy there, ready to use. An energy storage system from Solace Energy, Boston can do that for you.




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Maximise use of the energy your system produces

Solace Energy supply a cutting-edge storage solution that allows you to store any excess energy from your solar panel or wind generator system. It means you’ve always got that energy available should you need it (like at peak times) and you’re even less reliant on the grid for your property’s energy.


We’ve an extensive range of storage systems available, including battery energy storage and heat store systems. All are sourced from AlphaESS, who supply energy storage systems to homes and businesses in over 50 countries worldwide. It means you have complete control over the management and storage of the energy produced by your renewable energy system.

Everything carried out by an established provider

Solace Energy can oversee the installation of your energy storage system. As well as its ongoing maintenance once it’s in situ. Our rates are competitive but we also offer finance packages that can help you spread the cost. Our installers are suitably qualified in their roles and if you need any guidance about what kind of energy storage system would be best for your home or business premises, we can provide it.


We cover Lincolnshire, 

Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Norfolk, get in touch to enquire.

Call: 01205 212058
Solar panel and wind turbine

Why opt for Solace Energy?

  • Full supply, installation and maintenance service

  • Multiple energy storage systems available

  • All systems sourced from a world-leader in green tech

  • Finance options available

  • Qualified installers

Want to lower your energy bill, retain surplus energy from your system and maintain constant electricity access?

Then talk to our team at Solace Energy

Call us:
01205 212058
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