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Make long-term savings with a tailored energy-efficient and eco-friendly enhancement for your home or business. Solace Energy can supply and install anything from solar panels to energy storage batteries. Any incorporated system will be fully compliant with established UK regulations, courtesy of our qualified installers.

We cover: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Norfolk.




Call us: 01205 212058

About Solace Energy 

We provide clever, affordable solutions for homegrown energy generation, storage and usage, reducing your impact on the environment as well as your energy bills by making you more self-sufficient.

We do this by combining renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, partnering them with storage devices such as heat stores and battery energy storage systems for long-term savings. You can make further savings and have a more comfortable property all year long with one of our air-to-water or air-to-air heat pumps (aka air conditioners). We supply and install all of the above, as well as air source pumps and electric vehicle chargers. All attendant electrical work that comes with these installations is also overseen by our in-house team. And we cover the whole of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, including Peterborough, Holbeach, Louth, Lincoln and Bourne.

Air conditioning unit exterior

Air Conditioning

Maintain an even and comfortable temperature whatever the season with one of our state-of-the-art air conditioning systems.

Solar Panels

Take advantage of the sun’s energy and lower those energy bills with a complete solar panel installation from Solace.

Wind Energy Generators

Often windy your area? Convert it into energy with a generator, gain grid independence and save money on your energy bill.

Solar panels on desert

"First class and very professional service! Site survey done within a couple of hours of a phone call on Monday and system fitted by Thursday lunchtime. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate such brilliant work when I picked up the phone to make the enquiry on Monday. Absolutely delighted." 

- Alison Cocks

Trusted team for energy-saving solutions

  • 5/5 rating on Facebook

  • Reliable setup through high-quality equipment

  • Expert advice to help you save money and conserve energy

  • Eco-friendly energy solution

Call: 01205 212058

Energy saving air conditioning unit

Renewable energy system in place? Losing the excess?

Store excess renewable energy and have it available for the days when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing with an energy storage system.

Make a cost-effective and greener change to your property’s AC or energy system with Solace

Talk to our team about updating your home or business premises by giving us a ring.

Call us on:

01205 212058

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